Bangalore Man Sets Up Culinary Business For Domestic Help

This wonderful news comes to us from Bangalore, India.

A Bangalore man was so impressed by the cooking skills of his domestic help that he went the extra distance to set up a cooking business for her, and now her crab curry has gone viral with netizens swooning over her delicious preparations.

Ankit Vengulerkar was vastly impressed by the delicious cooking that his domestic help, Saroj rustled up on every occasion. He decided to go the extra mile in helping Saroj Didi as he calls her, to set up a home cooking and delivery business that has taken social media by storm. Saroj’s signature dish is crab curry and she now has netizens eating out of her hands thanks to Ankit’s initiative.

Saroj lost her husband a few years ago and was the sole provider for her three children. In the past she ran a small eatery in Mangammanapalya but that business keeled over and died. Thereafter she started working as a domestic help so that she could look after her family with dignity.

Saroj Didi happens to be absolutely fluent in Hindi, Kannada and English and this gives her the advantage of interacting with customers from all over. Ankit says that Saroj Didi was looking to start a home cooked food business for the last few weeks and that she is a very experienced and talented cook besides being vastly reliable.

Ankit is geared towards helping Saroj DIdi earn extra income and he took to social media to announce her arrival, saying that if people got food from her, they would help her earn extra income and get delicious food in the bargain.

Saroj Didi concentrates on rustling up yummy dishes while Ankit takes care of the orders, sale, delivery and the payments. The charges for delivery are in accordance with Dunzo charges.

On social media, Ankit raves about the delicious Mangalore crab curry cooked by Saroj Didi which costs only 300 rupees. He encourages netizens to order food from her, stressing that this would mean the world to Saroj. As soon as Ankit’s post vent viral, Saroj Didi was flooded with offers and she sold 2 kgs of the crab curry from 10 orders. Ankit shared a photo of a smiling Saroj Didi after the fulfillment of the orders, saying that all proceeds from the sales go to her. He says that she is the cook and he manages the sales, orders and payments on virtual platforms like Paytm and Googlepay.

Celebrity Chef Vikas Khanna also took to Twitter to praise Saroj Didi, jokingly asking if she also delivers to New York. Irrespective of whether they had tasted the food or not, netizens flooded Twitter and praised 47 year old Saroj and also Ankit for his superb initiative in the venture.

Image Source: News18

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