This news presenter lost her front tooth on live TV but continued the show

This amazing news come to us from Ukraine.

Live news reports give us a lot of stories some laudable and some laughable. This one is sure to spread a smile on your face because a reporter in Ukraine did something so unbelievable that you would end up lauding her for her act.

We are telling you about Marichka Padalko who is an anchor on Ukraine’s TSN channel and during their prime time news reporting at night, Padalko lost her front tooth but she didn’t lose her calm. It so happened that she suddenly raised her hand towards her mouth and instantly the viewers got to see a gap amidst her front teeth. A part of her front tooth broke and fell in her hands but she gracefully managed the situation and continued with the news report, the show being live.

Padalko who seemed to be very upbeat about this incident, very sportingly came up with comments that were loved by netizens. As expected, her clip got circulated on the web and Padalko said, “Live broadcasting is wonderful because it is always unpredictable.” She also added that it was a curious experience in her life and something of this sort has never ever happened in her twenty years long career as a news anchor and presenter.

She was glad that TSN channel decided to not put up the segment on their YouTube channel but little had the channel expected that viewers would notice the gap created by the fallen tooth and the clip would go viral on the web. A blogger was quick enough to upload the curious segment and then the comments poured in where most of the people were seen lauding Padalko for her spirit.

The brave reporter also uploaded a post wherein she mentioned the backstory that led to her broken tooth and also thanked her supporters for coming up with positive messages and comments. Many news anchors told that they were impressed by her sense of professionalism and her calm attitude. Padlako then went on to upload a smiling picture of hers stating that she got her tooth fixed and thanked people for their positive approach.

This incident definitely teaches us that we should not create a ruckus and sometimes handing things gracefully gives us a reason to smile.

Image Source: WhatsNew2Day

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