Doctor Donates Blood To Critical Patient, Then Performs Surgery

This wonderful news comes from India.
Dr. Mohd Fawaz who is a doctor at AIIMS, Delhi who has taken human kindness to another level. Doctors are considered God because they heal people’s life but Dr Fawaz took it to another level when he saw a patient suffering from septic shock that needed an urgent surgery and there wasn’t blood available. He decided to perform the surgery by donating the blood.

It was a Tuesday night when Dr Fawaz was on duty when the patient came along with his wife. He was suffering from septic shock in his leg caused by a deep injury. The infection was so bad that it had spread across the patient’s leg and he needed to be operated immediately. His wife tried to call their relatives with similar blood groups so that her husband could be operated soon.

Their relatives couldn’t make it on time and the blood bank didn’t have enough blood so that the doctor had to jump in since he had similar blood group as the patient. There was a shortage of blood due to the coronavirus pandemic and the doctor couldn’t afford to risk the patient’s life. There was no way to arrange blood in such a short span of time so the doctor donated the blood and then performed the surgery. The Doctor has set an example on how you can give no excuse to perform your duty.

Image Source: The Logical Indian

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