Visually Challenged Man Disinfects Buses, Pays Tribute To Father

This wonderful news comes to us from Kochi, Kerala, India.

In the eyes of a random onlooker, the disinfection of buses in the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic might seem to be a regular and routine affair. However, for M Ramkumar, this act holds great significance. A visually challenged person of 52 years, Ramkumar and his team at BPCL are disinfecting KSRTC buses to simultaneously mark Helen Keller day as well as a tribute to his late father, Prameswara Menon who had put in 30 years of service till the day he retired way back in 1986.

Ramkumar is a member of Samadrishti K Shamatavikas Mandal, an organization composed of differently abled persons and the people who support them. He says that KSRTC was renowned for being kind and caring towards differently-abled persons. Ramkumar adds that he couldn’t just sit by when people are struggling with COVID-19. Hence in order to celebrate and mark Helen Keller Day, he organized a disinfection drive and also distributed a huge amount of face masks among the common people.

On a more personal note, Ramkumar says that he is highly indebted to KSRTC because it had provided employment to his father who worked in different parts of the state, providing employment to his family in the initial days of poverty and struggle.

Ramkumar lost his eyesight to glaucoma and he joined BPCL in 1996 following which he made it his life’s mission to organize and take part in social activities. His organization Sakshama has well over 250 members in Ernakulam. The organization also held programs to honor ex-servicemen and also a memorial for the Indian soldiers who recently died fighting Chinese counterparts. The District Transport Officer, VM Thajudheen Sahib praised the activities of Sakshama, saying that it was an inspiration for all concerned. He added that it was a holistic integration that has made it possible for the differently abled people to give back to society.

Image Source: New Indian Express

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