Man Donates Organs After Death, 8 Persons Benefit From It

This uplifting news comes to us from Kochi, Kerala, India.

Sometimes death brings with it new hope and makes the world beautiful. Such is the story of 39-year-old Kelvin Joy who has donated his organs and made life possible for eight people waiting for an organ transplant.

Kelvin had made up his mind to donate his organs after his death and his decision was honored by his grieving family late on Sunday, after Kelvin died following an accident. Eight people who were on top of the organ recipient list can thank Kevin for his selfless gesture as they received organ transplants for various medical conditions.

Kelvin unfortunately met with an accident and was taken to Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences (AIMS) last Wednesday. Late on Saturday he died, being declared brain dead. After he died, his last wishes were honored through Mrithasanjeevi, which is the state government of Kerala’s deceased organ donor program which swung into action to harvest the organs for donation to recipients.

Kelvin is the son of V R Roy and Margaret Joy and was a resident of North Paravoor. Doctors harvested his heart, liver, kidneys, small intestine, hands as well as his corneas.

Both of Kelvin’s hands were donated to a single patient while another five were the recipients of his small intestine, corneas, liver and heart. His two kidneys were given to two separate patients at Kozhikode Government Medical College and the Lourdes Hospital located in Kochi.

KK Shailaja personally intervened to lift the lockdown restrictions so that the movement of the organs through the state was not hampered. Doctors say that organ donation to 8 people from a single donor was a rare occasion and due to the state machinery swinging into action, the procedures were a rousing success.

Image Source (Representative Image): Unity Point

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