Woman Helps Visually Impaired Man, Gifted With A House

This wonderful news comes to us from Kerala, India.

A few days ago, there was a video circulating on social media of a woman in Kerala running after a bus to make it stop. In the video, she stopped the bus and asked the conductor to wait, before she walked back some distance to assist a visually impaired man board the bus.

Unknown to the kind hearted woman, an onlooker filmed the entire incident and posted it on social media. The video of this kind hearted woman went viral where millions of people viewed it. The Good Samaritan, Supriya by name, has now been recompensed for her kindness with a new house.

Sources reveal that Supriya is a worker at a textile unit called Jolly Silks in Thiruvalla for the last three years. In the video, she was waiting outside the shop when she saw an elderly man struggling to navigate the street and without a second thought, she quickly came to his help.

Supriya’s good deed went viral and came to the notice of Joy Alukkas who happens to be the chairman of the Joyalukkas Group. Joy paid a surprise visit to Supriya’s rented apartment in order to congratulate her for her selfless action.

Mr Alukkas told Supriya that she needed to visit the head office located in Thrissur because here was a surprise in store for her. When she did so, she found out that she had been gifted with a new house that was registered in her name.

Supriya said that she had never imagined such a nice surprise. She was teary as hundreds of workers at the head office began to cheer her. She says that her act of kindness was a spontaneous one and she was taken aback at the appreciation and love showered on her.

Jolly Alukkas, the wife of Joy Alukkas told Supriya that she was a good hearted woman and must have done many other good deeds in her life. She reiterated that kindness would never cease to be, in the world that we live in today.

Image Source: Republic World

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