Tribal Couple Donates Daughter’s Cornea After Her Untimely Death

This inspiring story comes to us from Ranchi, India.
A tribal couple living in the Banker’s Colony in Gumia town was rocked by a fatal accident in which their daughter fell down from the balcony where she was playing and died. The couple, Chandra Prakash and Sulekha Panna lost their daughter Vanshika much too early in life but were strong enough to donate her eyes a short while after she passed on.
According to the couple, their daughter had very severe head injuries after falling from the balcony of her home last Friday. Sulekha, her mother said that her daughter would still be able to see the world through other people’s eyes and that was the main reason why she and her husband had decided to donate her corneas.
After her accident, Vanshika was rushed to a private nursing home in Gumia and after some treatment there initially, she was shifted to a hospital in Ranchi, where she breathed her last. The Rani Children Hospital declared Vanshika brought dead, shattering the hopes of her parents. Thereby, her parents immediately decided that her eyes should go for donation and took her body to the Kashyap Memorial Eye Hospital without even waiting to collect her death certificate.
Sulekha was succinct when she said that it was her decision to take Vanshika’s body for eye donation. She did not wait because that would mean that the corneas couldn’t be harvested. The timely response of the couple meant that the corneas were in a good condition when they were harvested by doctors at Kashyap Memorial Eye Hospital. Sulekha, pragmatic as ever, says that while she lost her daughter, it means that two other people would get vision.
Dr Bharti Kashyap at the Kashyap Memorial Eye Hospital was amazed at the commitment that Chandra and Sulekha displayed in spite of the overriding gloom, carrying the body of two year old Vanshika to the eye hospital. Dr. Kashyap says that she has never seen such a heart wrenching moment as with Vanshika. She says that the couple showed a lot of courage even as they were grieving the death of their daughter.
The cornea retrieval was done by Dr. Nidhi Gadkar Kashyap who is a cornea transplant specialist. She says that the baby’s corneas were successfully retrieved and preserved till that time it will take for a match to be found. She made sure that the baby’s face was undamaged and that soon the corneas would be transplanted to two lucky patients.

Image Source: National Herald India

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