Driver With Terminally Ill Son Flooded With Help From All Quarters

This good news comes to us from Srinagar, India.

A bus driver by profession, Nazir Ahmed Sheikh has a terminally ill son, for whose treatment he was begging on the streets of Srinagar. He has received so much help since floating his bank account number for people to take note of, that he has asked the public not to send any more money to his account.

On Friday, a video of Sheikh appealing to people for help had gone viral on the internet. In the video, Sheikh can be seen pleading with people to donate money to his bank account so that he could take care of daily expenses as well as the treatment of his son, a terminally ill boy of a few years.

People across the country took note of his video and donated with a generous hand to his bank account. The help poured in from all quarters and within a couple of days, Sheikh had a considerable sum in his bank account. Later in an audio message he expressed his heartfelt thanks and asked people to stop sending money because he had received enough.

Sheikh said, “I appeal to the people to stop making further donations in my bank account as I have received the amount that will take care of my needs and treatment of my son.”

Sheikh is a man of modest means, who lives in a one-room house with his three children. Because of the consecutive lockdowns since August of the previous year, he has been rendered jobless. The decision of the government to do away with the special status accorded to Jammu and Kashmir, has hit Sheikh hard, as all manner of transport like buses and cabs had been grounded.

Sheikh, who stays in Shoolipora, Budgam, says that he is not a beggar but a legitimate bus driver. He has not been able to earn anything for the last few months and was unable to take care of his family along with a terminally ill son’s medical expenses. Such was the dire situation that Sheikh had resorted to begging in an act of desperation.

Sheikh had no agricultural land to fall back upon and lacked any other sources of income. He thanks all the people who responded to his call for help, saying that without them he would have lost his son earlier than expected. We have to appreciate his honesty in asking for the donations to stop because he had received enough help.

Image Source: The Kashmir Monitor

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