Saravana Babu Became the Change He Wanted to See in The World

This wonderful news is from India.

Poverty has always been a major cause for the starvation. A 58 year old widow named Ambiga, from Kansalpettai in Vellore city used to earn a very small amount of income of Rs. 600. Neither did she get any help from others nor her drunkard son offered any sort of support. She survived in a damaged hut with a thatched roof lying on a floor for more than a year.

Saravanan Dinesh Babu, a 31-year-old man couldn’t bear the pain of a widow living in such an inappropriate manner. He helped the widow by constructing a new house at Rs. 23,000. He then established a petty shop for her so that she could earn a well income and support her family. He also got widow’s toilet build. Being able to help someone is the most beautiful thing ever. The amount of blessings you get from it is immeasurable.

He is a native of Rangapuram Valley in Vellore city. He has been helping poor families since six years. He took the responsibility of social work after the death of his elder brother S. Saravanan. Before lockdown he had distributed 20,500 saplings and planted 25,000 palm seeds. During the lockdown, people who were below poverty line was suffering from hunger and starvation. He took the initiative of providing food to 5000 poor families. He even distributed provisions to 3050 families and also provide breakfast and lunch to 50 families quarantined at Kagithapattarai Corporation School for more than 90 days. He even printed and distributed 1,00,000 copies of COVID-19 awareness pamphlets. During this global pandemic, he provided face masks and gloves to 540 sanitary workers in Vellore.

Babu, who added Saravanan to his name after the death of his elder brother said that he is forever grateful to his elder brother who made him pursue higher education and he further said that he belongs to a humble family and has always helped poor people. Before becoming a software analyst, he and his elder brother used to sell milk and other dairy products. His work made him earn wonderful comment from Chief minister of Tamil Nadu in Twitter on April 25.

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