Schoolgirl From Delhi Defies Riots And Lockdown and Excelled in Boards

This wonderful news comes to us from New Delhi, India.

A class XII student from Delhi has managed to trump the odds of a riot as well as lockdown to emerge successful in her board exams.

Nargis Naseem lives in northeast Delhi and studies in a government school nearby. On February 24th, she was going to her school to appear in the physical education examination when riots broke out close to her home, in Khajuri Khas.

The schoolgirl was not alone, being accompanied by her relative, and together they managed to return home without any untoward incident happening to them. However, the next day brought tragedy as her house was burned down by rioters. Along with losing the belongings, the unfortunate Nargis also lost her books. Thereafter she and her family moved to a small rented room in Chandu Nagar, which is a place where many other riot victims have taken shelter too.

Nargis was in a state of shock and in no condition to study. Her concerned parents managed to procure some of her books via donation and she studied the best she could in this trying situation. Then came the scare of COVID-19 where precautions taken by educational institutions meant that most of the examinations got cancelled.

The daughter of a laborer, Nargis only managed to appear in two exams, physical education and political science. The other exams were postponed in the part of Delhi where she lived, due to the menace of rioting.

Last Monday saw a jubilant Nargis after the declaration of results from the CBSE revealed that she had scored a more than decent 62%. She revealed that she had massive doubts about clearing the examinations and scoring above 60% was like a dream for her given the adverse circumstances that she was in. Nargis said that she had been hoping for just decent marks and was thankful for her good results.

Nargis shares that on the day of her physical education exam she witnessed scary violence on her way to Gokulpuri government school. They did not have the advantage of transport and had to spend hours walking through lanes in order to return to her house. Nargis’s uncle is Salim and he was the person who ended up saving the family.  Salim says that the whole family is extremely proud of Nargis after she successfully cleared the exams.

Nargis said that if the conditions were normal she would have scored a lot better. She thanked an NGO which had supplied her with the necessary books. In the future, she dreams of becoming a fashion designer.

Image Source: Times of India

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