Love For Camera Made A Photographer Build Camera Shaped House

This wonderful news comes from India.

Ravi Hongal is a photographer from Karnataka who took his passion for photography to another notch by building a house of camera shape.  The house costed him a whopping 72 lakhs. Ravi has been always passionate for his work and his wife is very well aware of it.

He has already shocked his family by keeping the names of his son based on different camera brands. The 49 year old photographer has 3 sons and has named them as Canon, Nikon and Epson.

Ravi’s house is a three story house, all floor are different aspects of a camera. The house exterior contains a design of lens, a flash, a show reel, a memory card and a viewfinder. Even the interior of the house resembles of different camera parts. The house was well designed by the Photographer who emphasised on the little details. So that the house perfectly resembles of a real looking camera. The house is built in Belgaum, Karnataka.

The photos of the house went viral as soon as it was posted on the social media. The people are praising him about the love for his work. The rest are shocked that someone can create of this magic while other just fantasize about it.

Image Source: Free Press Journal

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