Crowdfunded Treatment Gives Lease Of Life To Baby

This wonderful news comes to us from Ahmedabad, India.

At a time when the COVID-19 pandemic is giving rise to confusion and panic, a baby’s survival was positively decided with doctors coming forth to cover the expensive cost of treatment with crowdfunded money.

Bholu Kori, a gardener and his wife Durga’s newborn baby weighed in at just 640 grams. Durga had suffered three miscarriages before and was desperate to save her newborn son, but the prohibitive cost of treatment meant that they could not afford it. The baby was grossly underweight and would need expensive treatment to have a fair shot at life. This is when the crowd stepped in to intervene.

There were 33 direct donors and 158 other people who made generous contributions of money to answer the doctors’ cry for help on a social media platform. Their contributions meant that Bholu and Durga’s baby could be treated at the neonatal unit to have a fighting chance of survival.

Cut to 4 months later and on 14th July, the baby, named Arjun was discharged from the hospital weighing a more than reasonable 1.875 kg. The baby is still quite frail but the treatment ensured that he could survive and possibly thrive too.

The cost of treatment for Arjun was a massive 14 lakh rupees, every paisa of which was secured from the kind crowdfunders. This act of generosity comes at a time when most people if not all are tightening their purse strings in the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Dr Bhavik Shah at the hospital says that Durga had a premature delivery and Arjun was born grossly underweight and had breathing difficulty, aspiration of feeds, infections as well as a congenital heart problem along with some other complications. When the doctors saw that the couple was unable to afford the treatment of the child, they stepped in with their own money raising efforts.

Of the 14 lakh rupees, 8.75 lakh was collected via crowdfunding efforts on a Facebook page that read, “Arjun Medical Fundraising”. The remaining money was thankfully donated by the doctors at the hospital and also their acquaintances. The doctors, in all their kindness did not even charge the parents of Arjun a single rupee.

Finally, when the baby was discharged last Thursday evening, it happened to be a very emotional moment for all concerned. The staff at the hospital gave a memorable send off to the smiling and happy parents and their baby.

Image Source: Times Of India

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