Hindu Family Donates Land For Muslim Girl’s Burial

This wonderful news comes to us from Jind, India.

A Hindu family residing in the village of Jind recently bailed out their Muslim neighbors last Monday by arranging for a plot of land for the burial of their teenage daughter who expired on Monday morning.

The traditional graveyard had been overrun by water, making it impossible for a burial to take place. Many Muslim families staying in Gulkani village have said that they had been facing hurdles in the burial of their near and dear ones for the last 10 years but the sarpanch and the district administration have not done anything about this problem, letting it fester instead.

After the hapless girl died, her family ran from pillar to post to secure a spot for her burial but they were unable to find anything suitable till late noon in spite of having approached many people.

Finally a member of the Hindu community living there came to the rescue of the troubled family by giving them a piece of land situated near the crematorium where they could bury their daughter in peace.

The girl’s father, Joginder, said that the district administration had not met their demands. He had been trying to get a proper ground for the burial but no one was ready to take heed of the issue. He praised the Hindu family that had come forward to donate land for the burial. The Hindu family came forward in support, despite the issue of having to irrigate their land following their turn to receive canal water for farming.

Joginder expressed his gratitude towards the Hindu family, saying that the family had helped him at a time when everybody was unable to come up with a solution. He also said that his community wanted a permanent solution to this problem of graveyard flooding.

Jaideep Singh who is the village sarpanch said that there were 16 castes in the village who all stay together in true fraternal spirit. The incessant rain was the cause for flooding of the graveyard. He said that he had sent two persons to drain the water and that Muslim families would not face any issues henceforth.

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