Drones Honor Covid19 Victims In Madrid By Lighting Up The Sky

This inspiring news comes to us from Madrid, Spain.

As many as forty drones were used to light the sky to display different messages in support of the Covid 19 victims and even the frontline workers. The messages that were displayed included ‘hope’ and ‘heroes’. It is these little measures that give hope to those who are affected and the ones who are working hard to help people survive.

The global cases of Covid-19 have been on a tremendous rise and it has gripped several nations. There seems to be no respite as every day the numbers are setting an all-time high record. There have been too many casualties and even the frontline healthcare workers are facing tremendous amount of problem as they continue to offer their selfless service.

In such grim scenario, sometimes little acts like using of drones to light up messages in the sky bind people together and give them the much-needed hope. The routine lasted for as long as 10 minutes. Along with flashing the two words, ‘hope’ and ‘heroes’, the flags of countries like Spain, Italy, France, Germany and USA too were displayed. The act was a means of showing the spirit of solidarity during the times of global pandemic.

With the norms of social distancing in place, it is more important the ever to give hope to people as mental breakdown is another issue that patients seem to be facing at large.

As researchers round the globe continue to work, we can hope that a vaccine shall soon be released so that the world can once again get back to normal and we can shut down the book that tells the horrendous tale of this disease that took the world by storm.

Image Source: News CGTN

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