Tea Seller’s Daughter Breaks Shackles To Become IAF Officer

This inspiring news comes to us from Madhya Pradesh, India.

Often, too may student complain about not getting adequate resources and time for excelling in their studies. Aanchal, the daughter of Suresh Gangwal, a tea seller in Neemuch seemed to have put all such lame excuses to rest.  

Aanchal managed to clear her exams and is now an IAF flying officer. Her father was definitely elated and happy beyond words. He told that it was the best father’s day gift he could have imagined and was extremely proud of his daughter and her exemplary achievements.

He recalls that despite not having the best of financial stability, he always made it a point to offer the best of what he could to his children as far as their education was concerned. He was also all praises for his wife who never made any unreasonable demands for jewellery or other luxuries because they gave education preference over everything else.

He took a loan so that he could enrol his daughter on a coaching institute in Indore and his son is also doing his engineering. This might just be the start of good days for the tea seller as all his hard work seems to be heading his family in the right direction.

This news also sets the right example to tons of families who believe that daughters shouldn’t be educated. He told that he was very happy when his daughter was born and always believed in treating his son and daughter equally. Aanchal’s achievement was a cause for the whole family to celebrate and they can’t wait for her to join her duty and add even more feathers to her cap.

Of course, the daughter too was very grateful to her parents for their efforts and selfless love.

Image Source: OPIndia

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