Tamil Nadu Tribal Girl Aces Board Exams

This wonderful news comes to us from Tamil Nadu, India.

For a parent, the ultimate moment of pride and happiness is when their offspring excel in life. Such is the case with M Chellamuthu, a farmer in the Poochukottamparai tribal settlement in the Anamalai Tiger Reserve in the district of Tirupur. His daughter, C Sreedev has made the whole community proud by scoring over 95% in her Class X board examinations, which is a first for anybody residing in this community.

Sreedevi has not had it easy in life; the doughty girl residing in the Anamalai Tiger Reserve previously attended school in Chalakudy in Kerala which is a long way away from home.

Sreedevi and her father needed to travel over 150 km on a scooter to reach a check post from where the Kerala government arranged for a bus to take her to the exam venue.

Sreedevi’s community is in such a place where there is no road, zero electricity and also no mobile connectivity in an age where we take such things for granted. Sreedevi has had to walk a considerable distance from her home in order to get mobile connectivity so that she could connect with the world outside.

When the coronavirus pandemic happened, the state government decided to suspend all classes and examinations, but Sreedevi had no inkling of this. When she arrived at the school to take her board test, she got to know that exams had been postponed. Later when the exams were held, Sreedevi sat for them and scored a whopping 95% marks to the delight of herself and her family.

Chellamuthu is now a very proud father who says that many people including his wife had asked him to stop her education and get her to join work like the other members of the family. But he was adamant in letting Sreedevi study as much as she wanted. Chellamuthu further says that Sreedevi’s sibling will also be encouraged to work because they needed to live a life that was beyond the settlement. The Field Assistant Director of Anamalai Tiger Reserve felicitated Sreedevi with a scarf and a watch. There are plans to present Sreedevi with a laptop as well so that she can continue her studies in full swing.

Image Source: The Sentinel

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