2292 Plants In Barcelona Opera House Is Being The Guide To Battle Coronavirus Pandemic

This wonderful news is from Spain.

Since the Coronavirus pandemic is making the entire world sick and steady, Barcelona Opera took the initiative of reopening.  The opening night was unusually packed with 2292 plants. Yes you heard it, right? 2292 plants. The entire Gran Teatre Liceu was equipped with Green plants. This was something unusual and shocking.

Eugenio Ampudia, an artist came up with this imaginary or philosophical idea of occupying the house with plants rather than with people which was live shown on theatre’s website. He tends to implement this idea to inspire people how and in what way nature works. How much of importance it creates in daily life. The performance of Uceli Quartet string quartet as Puccini Crisantemi was immensely enjoyed by the sweet leafy plants.

In the times of this pandemic, we are living a monotonous life and days are not same as it was three months ago. We need to focus more on nature and apply everything in our daily life. Plants play a very great role. It has great responsive to everything. It is therefore helping us lead a healthy life during this virus.

The concert was furthermore about Liceu’s mission to create dialogue between music and arts. Ampudia took the pictures and videos of the performance which has now become a part of La Caixa Contemporary art collection.

As concert got over, the plants was further transported to Frontline Healthcare workers who would make our life quite healthy.

Image Source: My Modern Met

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