Thai Woman Becomes Financially Stable With Selling Of Face Shields

This inspiring news comes to us from Thailand.

In this times of global pandemic, a Thai woman who was finding it otherwise hard to make both her ends meet has found a new way to gain financial stability. The woman in discussion is Maysa Talerd and she has been designing some of the most amazing patterns and stickers of the popular fictional superheroes on face shields and selling them.

Owing to the rising cases of corona virus, there has been an increasing demand for face shields and masks. This gave Maysa the idea to design face shields with masks and characters.

She has a small studio room and she decided to expand this new business and has been imprinting different characters from games, sci-fi movies, and even cartoons as well. She is also of the opinion that owing to these stickers, children will be much more willing to use the face shield. This, in turn, will increase the kind of safety measures they are taking.

She was amazed at the kind of orders she has been getting. One of the most popular designs has to be the Darth Wader design and also the Japanese Superhero namely Gundam and his team. There was also a lot of local demand for the villains and even renowned figures from the esteemed Thai folklore as well.

A lot of toy stores have been contacting her for wholesale selling and this is why she is upbeat about the whole prospect. She is of the opinion that thus might become her full time business as corona virus seems to be not going away completely anytime soon.

Of course, during these dark times her decision to kick start this business has come like a silver lining amidst all the chaos.

Image Source: The Jakarta Post

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