7-Year-Old Makes It To School Textbook

This wonderful news comes to us from Srinagar, India.

Recently, a Hyderabad school published a textbook in which the efforts of a 7-year-old girl, Jannat were featured as she cleaned up Dal lake while on board a shikara.

Jannat had started early; her first attempt to clean the Dal Lake came when she was all of 5 years old. Her story reached millions of people through a video where she appeared along with her father, enumerating the plight of the lake while cleaning it at the same time. The Dal Lake is one of the most important and highly visited lakes in Kashmir and it sees a high level of pollution by tourists.

The video is short but succinct, where she says that she and her father did some cleaning of the lake. She continues that she found a lot of garbage and realizes that only her doing the work of cleaning won’t be enough. She stresses that the Dal Lake is one of the most beautiful lakes and that everyone should come around to do their bit for the picturesque lake.

The video, as soon as it was released, garnered a lot of likes and shares on social media with people from all over the country praising her conscientious actions and thinking beyond her years. The prime minister of the country, Narendra Modi, took to Twitter and shared her video along with the following words, “Hearing this little girl will make your morning even better. Great passion towards Swacchata. “

Back in 2017, the Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir, Mehbooba Mufti had ordered an escalation in the cleaning up of the Dal Lake which included de-weeding as well as conservation attempts. She had also said that she would be periodical monitoring the clean-up efforts. Previous attempts at cleaning the lake saw removal of more than nine lakh cubic meters of weed.

When Jannat was asked about her stellar efforts, she said that she was inspired by her father to clean the lake. She has a wise head on her shoulders as was evident when she credited all her newfound recognition to her father. Tariq Ahmed is Jannat’s father who is proud that his daughter got featured in a Hyderabad schoolbook. He said that his friend had called up from Hyderabad and told him that Jannat was featured in a school textbook. Tariq Ahmed has asked his friend to send him a copy of the schoolbook. He stresses that it indeed was a very proud moment for him.

Image Source: YouTube

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