Large Hearted Teachers Offer Online Classes For A Cause

This wonderful news comes to us from Philippines.

In these tough times of the global COVID-19 pandemic, every little bit of help and assistance goes a long way. Many people are devoid of food and essentials in the wake of lockdown measures and this is taking a toll on their physical and mental well-being. However, a lot of people have come forward in these difficult times with offers of assistance and one of them is Nice Ann Teleron.

Ann is a Cebuano English teacher and she was moved by the stories and news of people suffering in the wake of the pandemic. She resolved to do something about it and to that effect, she has started “Book a Class for a Cause”, which is a brief online language learning course geared towards helping the most unfortunate families during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Nice Ann Teleron currently works in Asturias in Spain, and she initially started this drive in late May to enable a way in which donations can be accepted for the worst hit families residing in Talisay City, Cebu as well as other areas in the Philippines.

The program that Ann designed offers online language lessons in Cebuano, English as well as the local language, Tagalog/Filipino. These programs are all priced very reasonably so that many people can avail of its benefits. The proceeds of the program will go towards buying essential items as well as packets of food for the families who are not as fortunate.

Ann also urged other teachers to come forward and volunteer for her cause and her request was heeded by quite a few teachers. In less than a month after the launch of “Book a class for a cause”, Ann had been joined by a lot of other teachers who wanted to contribute towards her initiative. This has increased the coverage of the drive significantly and allowed for the initiative to spread to other areas in and around Cebu.

Maricor Arbiol is another teacher who is now offering online classes for a week, specializing in English, Cebuano, and Tagalog so that families in Cogdon Pardo in Cebu can be benefitted. Similarly, there are quite a few other teachers who have come forward so that unfortunate families can be helped.

Ann and Maricor both live in Spain, and to this effect they have been coordinating with their respective families in Cebu for the smooth functioning of the donation drive.

As of now, “Book a Class for a cause” has managed to collect an undisclosed amount of money through donations that will go towards feeding and assisting families in Cebu, mainly through lockdown relief goods like food and medicines.

Image Source: Fill My Cup News

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