Filipino Man’s Scary Mask Design Goes Viral

This inspiring news comes to us from Philippines

As the Covid situation has brought a lot of activities to halt, things have changed drastically. Almost everyone is needed to wear masks and this is why there has been a whopping boom in the sales of masks.

One such special effects artist from Philippines has been hogging the limelight as he is making good use of his skills. He has been making some really scary face masks with the aim of raising cash, kick-starting a business and of course, sharing lots of smiles as well.

The man in question is Rene Abelardo, who happens to be a prosthetic specialist and is 50-year old. Ever since the Covid situation stuck in full swing since March, he has been out of office and thus was looking for new ways by which he could keep his business afloat.

He found that he loved making masks that were inspired by horror theme and as he got the right response for them, he soon started doing this for a livelihood. His friends too started to help and he has managed to sell dozens of masks that flaunt the design of monster, zombies, and even the much renowned Joker as well.

Such was the prolific response that he has got tons of orders from all over Philippines. When he released the picture on social media, they became an instant hit as his masks extend all the way down to the jawline and feature a cloth mask right where it is needed to protect oneself from the corona virus.

He had made the mask for himself and his daughter clicked the picture and posted it online wherein it went viral. Thus, it goes on to show as to how the business of making masks can save a lot of people whose business has otherwise gone haywire.

Image Source: The National

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