Russian Male Runs Around a Bed for Over 10 Hours to Replicate 100 km Marathon

This inspiring news comes to us from Moscow, Russia.

A Russian male in Vladivostok ran in circles around a bed for over 10 hours to replicate a 100 km ultramarathon.

It must be noted that Dmitry Yakukhny, an adept ultra-runner, resolved to cover a 250 km Marathon des Sables within the Sahara Desert in the month of July, however, he couldn’t move out of his home since the race got postponed and rescheduled to September owing to the COVID-19 pandemic.

It must be noted that Yakukhny spent around 10 hours and 19 minutes running in circles around his double bed on Saturday. He further stated that he drew inspiration from a Frenchman who ran in his balcony previous month. He resolved to take his marathon running a step further.

Running in a confined place within small circuit was quite a challenge for Yakukny.

He further mentioned that his head had started spinning whereas his leg started aching. As a result, he changed the direction of his running after every 10 kms or 6.2 miles. He also clarified that he received immense support from his family. Usually participants of an ultramarathon carry a rucksack along with them from one food station to another. However, in this marathon, he simply waved his hand and his wife cooking some meal. On the other hand, his children gave him moral support whereas his wife became the Disc Jockey, changing music every now and then.

Yakukny further stated that he made use of a tracker that displayed that he ran more than 100 kms or 62 miles. But, some viewers who have been following Yakukhny’s Instagram updates regularly stated that he couldn’t have covered that much distance.

Responding to the same, Yakukhny stated that there may have been some discrepancy with his device functioning indoors, but that cannot take away the fact that he ran for 10 hours.

Russia is currently under an extended lockdown as the government has announced steps to stops the coronavirus from spreading further.

Image Source: WCTI12

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