Mumbai Boy Creates a Programme to Help the Senior Citizens Amidst Pandemic

This wonderful news comes to us from Mumbai, India.

A seventeen-year-old Mumbai based boy by the name Manan Jain came forward to help senior citizens by resolving their digital issues. Manan has been teaching them the different ways in which they can carry out their online transactions while ensuring complete safety. He calls his programme ‘KOSHISH’.

The boy stated that first after the announcement of demonetization and later owing to pandemic, most of the senior citizens were left struggling and unaware when it came to handling their digital problems. He further mentioned that it left them feeling insecure and dependent. Apart from this, the frustrations that came along as a result of staying all by themselves and constantly requesting their children or grandchildren to help them, at a time when they did not prefer to be bothered or disturbed, left them feeling all the more helpless.

As a result, Manan resolved to address this issue as well as fill the void in a manner that empowered the senior members of our society. He decided to make them digitally capable or savvy during these challenging times. They had ample time to learn as well as become self-dependent. They were required to be made capable enough to address all their social, financial, health & wellness concerns through digital mobile based platforms. Manan wanted to make the senior yet valuable elders contribute to the digital India mission. His goal encouraged him to design a program which was scalable and could be easily replicated by anyone anywhere within the country.

Manan is proud of his journey and has managed to achieve satisfactory results. During the course of time, he has paid full attention to the needs of more than 20 senior members and made them digitally savvy. These senior citizens are now able to carry out their basic digital activities on their own. Manan hopes his movement will gain strength further and is working tirelessly to help many other senior citizens who are currently home bound as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

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