Robbers In Pakistan Melt Down And Return Valuables After Victim Has A Breakdown

This uplifting news comes to us from Karachi, Pakistan

Robbers are the people we least associate with any kind of sympathy. However, in a shocking event in Karachi, a team of two robbers decided to return the valuables to the delivery man after they had stolen his valuables. The video was released online and ever since then it has gone viral.

The robbers came across a food delivery man on the streets and they decided to steal his valuable. He broke down because he was miserably stuck with poverty. The robbers initially tried to intimidate him. However, soon after as the victim broke down inconsolably, the robbers had a change of heart.

They then decided to return back the stolen goods and even hugged him before they went away. This incident has evoked mixed reactions from the netizens at large. While some people applauded the robbers for their sympathy and kind action, there were others who were quick to comment on the pitiable state of the country.

Pakistan is gripped with too many tales of miserable poverty and it goes on to show that the right action needs to be taken at the earliest to ensure that these cases can be averted. Ever since the pandemic hit the country, the condition has become even more pitiable. The economy of the country has gone for a toss and the unemployment rate is higher the ever before. Perhaps, this is the reason; too many people have resorted to robbing as this is the only means for them to survive. The fact that these robbers returned the goods is a proof that their conscience wasn’t dead. They are likely to be the victims of poverty or even unemployment. Yet, this incident is another proof that goodness still exists even when the times get darker and tougher.   

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