Sibling Nurses Applauded For Their Great Work During Covid Battle

This inspiring news comes to us from Madurai, India

As the pandemic is ongoing in full swing, there are several healthcare workers who have assumed centre stage. Of all the different stories that have come up, it is the duo of two sisters namely Amudha and Davamani that got all the praises for their remarkable work for helping Covid patients.

They got the inspiration from their mother who too worked as a nurse and was even awarded for her exemplary work for TB patients. She had four daughters and three of them went on to become nurses.

All of them worked as frontline healthcare workers at the Government Rajaji Hospital in Madurai. All three of them have been posted at the hospital and was working as nurses for more than 15 years. When the news of the pandemic had spread, Amudha didn’t flinch back from spearheading the band wagon. When the very first death occurred in Tamil Nadu, she knew that she had to answer the call of duty. She recounts that those were the most challenging days because there wasn’t much details and nurses too feared for their safety. Yet none of this stopped her from doing her duty.

Later on, both the sisters even worked together for a week. They recount that working in PPEs was very challenging yet there was no other option. They knew that the patients needed a lot of mental support and this is why they were willing to do all they can to make sure that patients were at ease.

They are all praises for how the people in their community greeted them with love. There was suspicion of them being infected and yet the love and respect they got for the selfless duty they did brought them the respect they deserved.

Image Source: Times Of India

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