Elderly Couple Decide to Remarry After Beating Covid

This happy news comes to us from Bhopal, India

There is a Covid scare in the whole country and especially the elderly is at a very high risk. While the country is trying all they can to ensure that they can beat Covid and come out on top, every day, thousands and thousands of people are being infected.

This news is of a couple who hails from Bhopal. The elderly couple couldn’t contain their happiness after they recovered from the deadly Covid disease. The couple had returned all the way from Gurugram to Rasilpur village in Damoh, Bhopal. They did so in a big group of 20 people and therefore the risk for Covid was very high.

It was on May 19th that one in the group tested positive. She happened to be 62-year-old and soon after the rest of the people was tested. 13 out of the 20 of them tested positive for the virus.

Her husband too tested positive and he was aged 64. She had a longer treatment as her body found it harder to respond. However, when both of them recovered, they were happy beyond words.

As was the trend at that time, those patients who had recovered were given very cheerful send-offs and so this couple too were given flowers. Someone even gave them a garland and soon after, this elderly couple decided to re-marry as they felt like they had been given a second shot at life. They had married some four decades back and recovering from this virus was surely the right ground to re-instate the love that had held them close for so long. This news is a proof that even during these tiring times, when the healthcare system is under so much stress, recovery is still going strong and some of us are lucky enough to steal happy news.

Image Source: Times Of India

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