Mexican Musicians Help COVID Stuck People Enjoy Melodies Whilst At Home

This inspiring news comes to us from Mexico

Mexican musicians have come together to help COVID patients see a silver lining. As the bars have shut down and there are no private events, the musicians decided to stroll the streets of the capital city. They are doing so to help those quarantining listen to some melodious harmony and infuse them, with a sense of happiness and maybe even hope.

Usually the Mexico City used to hustle and bustle with too many people out there but with the pandemic situation, the roads seems deserted. Also, the musicians seem to have gone out of work as most bars and live events have been closed down.

This gave the musicians the incentive to do something for those who are holed up at home and are feeling gloomy and depressed. They have something good and happy to hold on to as these musicians are now belting harmonious melodies one after the other.

Efrain Groin along with three of his band mates serenaded the neighborhood of Condesa with a marimba so that they could bring music to people as people can no longer come to venues wherein music used to be played. As social distancing has become the new norm and large gatherings are no longer seen, these musicians are doing something remarkable and noble.

The earnings have taken a hit too as Giron, one of the musician now makes as few as $9 to $14 for whopping eight hours of work. Some people put in song requests from their balconies as during these gloomy times, it is these melodious tune that end up being the only solace they can ask for. Music surely is the sound of the soul and these musicians are doing their bit to promote happiness during the pandemic.

Image Source: Hindustan Times

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