Man adopts baby with Down’s Syndrome

This wonderful news comes to us from Italy.

Luca Trapanese is a single, gay man of 41 years who has adopted a baby with Downs syndrome. An extraordinary set of circumstances led to the adoption as his daughter Alba had been rejected by 20 families before Luca adopted her.

Trapanese, who is gay, had been living in Naples when he and his long term partner broke up. Trapanese always wanted a family, however it seemed like a pipe dream to him. This was before Alba came into his life. A little while ago, Trapanese got a call from an adoption agency with the news that he had been matched with a newborn girl who had Down’s Syndrome. Alba had been rejected by 20 families beforehand, but not Trapanese- he literally fell in love with Alba as soon as he set his eyes upon her.

The adoption of Alba is no mean feat as Italy has the strictest policies in all of Europe. Surrogacy is deemed illegal and gay parents cannot be listed as co-parents on the birth certificates of children. Even single parents are scrutinized carefully before adoption. Trapanese says, “I was told that I’d only be given a child with an illness, a severe disability or with behavioral problems. I was absolutely okay with that. “

It seems as if Trapanese and his daughter Alba were made for each other. After he lost his best friend to cancer when he was 14, he began to volunteer in order to help critically ill children and people living with disabilities. Trapanese is the co-founder of A Routa Libera Onlus which is a charity that offers adults with disabilities the opportunity to socialize, sharpen their talents and be a part of the community.

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