A man sold SUV and gave oxygen cylinders to 250 families in need

Shahnawaz Shaikh is a 30 years old man from Mumbai who sold his Ford Endeavor which he had purchased in 2011 to fulfil the rising need for oxygen chambers in the city.

Since the covid-19 fear has started we have seen a lot of death not just by coronavirus but sometimes due to the unavailability of doctors, or the hospital denying admitting the patient or because of the unavailability of treatment equipment.

Something similar happened with Shaikh when he was left in a devastated stated when his business partner’s sister who was 6 months pregnant died due to Covid-19 since she didn’t receive the oxygen cylinder at time. Seeing the circumstance of the hospitals over the city, they chosen to give oxygen chambers to whoever is in dire need of them. There isn’t any discrimination being practiced in donating. Whoever is coming to them with a specialist’s solution, they are basically conveying the oxygen chamber to them anyplace in Mumbai. Shaikh had been using his car as a makeshift ambulance during the lockdown but after speaking to the doctors he discovered that her life could have been spared on the off chance that she had gotten oxygen in time. This urged him to help those out of luck. After exploring, he came to realize that there was a deficiency of oxygen chambers in the market and chose to offer his SUV to fund-raise for them. Since June 5, Shaikh has donated oxygen cylinders to more than 250 groups of COVID-19 patients.

Image Source: Vartha Bharati

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