103-year-old Belgian man promises to run marathon for raising funds for covid

This good news come to us from Belgium, Europe

As the covid pandemic is creating a furor, people are taking measures everywhere to both raise awareness and fund so they can battle with it. In one such instance, a 103-year-old Belgian man chose to walk a marathon so that he could raise adequate funds for research for covid 19.

Alfons Leempoels happens to be a retired general practitioner and he decided to start his 42.2km journey. He started this marathon on June 1st in the Rotselaar municipality and has aspired to finish it by June 30th. He will be running the marathon in his garden itself as his net miles will be equivalent to the promised miles that is 26.2 miles.

In order to finish his goal, he has started taking 10 laps of 159 yards every day. He finishes it by making three rounds in the morning and noon and then four in the evening. To ensure that there is no calculation mistake and he can keep track of how much distance he has covered, he drops a stick in a bowl after completing a lap.

He told that this idea sprung in his mind when he came across the news of how Tom Moore, a veteran of World War II managed to raise an amount of 40 million dollars simply by walking around his garden.

He is hopeful that with the funds he will be raising, he can help the nearby hospital where researchers are working day in and day out in their bid to find the right cure for covid 19. This pandemic has proved hard for everyone and has engulfed the world as a whole.

Until now, he has managed to raise as much as 6000 euros and has also successfully covered one third of the promised distance of the marathon. He is very optimistic that soon things will take a turn for the good and more and more people will be able to battle this pandemic and emerge on top.

It is not the first time that the world has succumbed to the pandemic and with the right funding and help, researchers might just be able to find the right cure that can bring this disease in check. Of course, it is these little measures that can turn out to be handy for helping researchers get the right funding.

Image Source: Al Arabiya

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