Man sacrifices everything to help his son get his education

This wonderful news comes to us from Tamil Nadu, India.

As children, we are quite oblivious to the pains that our parents go through to secure the best future for us. In this regard, the story of M Bathirasamy from Karamadai in Tamil Nadu is a unique takeaway about how fathers move heaven and earth for the best future of their sons.

Many generations of the Bathirasamy family had not pursued education and neither did Bathirasamy. He happened to be a young man when he was married off and soon he was blessed by a son. This event put Bathirasamy in a spot as he was uneducated, and had to support another mouth to feed.

To make ends meet, Bathirasamy started taking up odd jobs like washing cars for as little as 10 rupees. A few months later, he got an opportunity to work with a catering company that served the Defence Services Staff College in Wellington in Tamil Nadu. The salary that Bathirasamy received was not anything to write home about but at least he was assured of a steady income.

Bathirasamy’s eldest daughter was born with deformities and she died at five years of age. He says,” we were devastated but life keeps on moving. If we didn’t move with it it would have broken us further. I was not going to let any harm come in my son’s way, if that meant working twice as hard to earn more money, so be it.”

After a few years of working with the catering company, Bathirasamy realized that he was being cheated of money, even as he worked for as low a wage of Rs 250-300 a day. When he wanted to resign from the catering company, they would not release him. At this, Bathirasamy approached a lawyer and decided to sue the company. The company also counter-sued him.

A lengthy litigation ended with Bathirasamy being awarded a compensation of Rs 6 lakh! To Bathirasamy, it meant that he could fulfill his dream of getting his son Viji educated. And to give Viji his due credit, he pursued economics with dedication and was awarded a PhD in Economics. However, Viji had his sights set higher. Today, he is an assistant Professor at the prestigious Christ University in Bengaluru and is also preparing for the UPSC examinations. He aims to be an IAS officer and is studying hard to crack the tough exams.

Bathirasamy is thrilled with the progress that Viji is making and is proud of the efforts of his son. As he signs off, he stresses that it was only due to education that his son is now at a good position in life. We need more fathers like Bathirasamy to light the way for the futures of their sons.

Image Source: Twitter (Shiv Aroor)

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