Sumo wrestlers save woman attempting suicide in Tokyo

This wonderful news comes from Japan.

Depression and anxiety has been kicking in the life of people because of their lifestyle and the fast-paced life. These symptoms make people take extreme steps such as suicide. The awareness about these issues should be created and proper steps on how to handle if someone faces anxiety and depression.

Japan has raised awareness about this issue and has fairly controlled their country’s suicidal rate. In spite of this, a woman tried to attempt suicide but was saved by 20 sumo wrestler. It was 5.30 am on a Wednesday morning, a lady was strolling close to the Kenagakawa River in Tokyo’s Adachi Ward. Venturing out onto a person on foot connect that traverses the stream, she moved over the chest-high railing and devoted herself completely to the water underneath in a clear self-destruction endeavour. The bridge is located on rather a quite side of the city and there aren’t a lot of people walking every day.

 By the grace of God there was an old man standing nearby who saw everything and shouted “Don’t die”. The nearest working quarters happens to be of sumo grapplers. The sumo wrestlers were at their right on time to-rise routine, there was enormous men present and prepared to get a move on. 20 wrestlers hurried to spare the lady, who seemed to be suffocating, and took her out on the security of dry land.

At the point when the rescue vehicle showed up, the paramedics brought a cot down to the bank of the waterway and put the lady on it, however there was a two-meter blockade between the bank and road level. The sumo wrestlers joined their strength to lift the cot up onto the street, after which the lady was quickly taken to the hospital.

The woman is taken well care of and luckily she doesn’t have any serious injuries. The wrestlers as well as the old man has received a certificate of commendation from the local police for their great work towards humanity.

Image Source: Sunny Skyz

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