Bolivian teacher dresses up as superheroes to make virtual classes interesting

This good news come to us from Bolivia, South America

Virtual online classes have come in fashion all around the world because of the lockdown imposed in almost all the countries. Even after lifting the lockdown, several nations are advising schools to operate virtually via online classes instead of asking the students to gather and study in schools.

Amidst all this, Jorge Manolo Villarroel an art teacher in Bolivia came up with a fantastic idea to fulfil his childhood dreams and also make the classes interesting for his students. He dresses up as Spiderman, Green Lantern, the Flash and various other superheroes and his classes have gained popularity. His room is filled up superhero costumes and he is busy making the dresses himself because of the lockdown since he couldn’t go out to buy stuff.

Siblings back at home tend to fight in order to share the screen when he is on it giving classes. Villarroel said that students often appear in front of their laptop screens minutes before he begins the classes in order to guess as to which superhero would he dress up as. Residing in a poor neighborhood, Villarroel aged 34 is an art teacher at San Ignacio Catholic School.

His students mostly aged 9 to 14 years are in return helping him with some tech knowledge. Being a Zumba instructor as well, Villarroel starts his virtual classes with a short Zumba session. Then, he and his students chant a small prayer and the atmosphere is uplifted with superhero music. He along with his 45 students have a rocking time during the visual class session.

Villarroel feels that the pandemic is sure to change the lifestyle of people and it is affecting the education system as well. Bolivia being the poorest country in South America is suffering a lot amidst this crisis. Even services like the internet are available in richer areas and neighborhood. People are also complaining about the virtual classes being only possible for the rich as the poor cannot afford the costly internet service or devices like laptops and phones.

The current scenario is only adding to the already existing disparity between the poor and the rich. Although coming from a poor neighborhood, Villarroel is trying hard to play his part and help the students in the time of need.

Image Source: India Today

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