The couple who cleared over 10, 00,000 kg of marine litter from Mahim Beach

This wonderful news comes from India.

Propelled in September 2017, the movement that included Mahim Sea shore cleans up is a continuous sea shore tidy up drive that enrols the assistance of volunteers – including individuals from the city and visiting outsiders – to free the shoreline. Since the development has gotten steam, the volunteers have cleared more than 10,00,000 kg of marine litter from Mahim Sea shore, cleaning a total of 3.5 feet of plastic and other garbage.

Indranil Sengupta and Rabia Tewari, the husband-wife duo got woken up when they saw so much of waste coming out from the sea and decided to do something to help the environment and as citizens. At the point when they originally moved to their ocean confronting condo in Mumbai three years prior. The pair has since incepted a social venture called Ethico, as they were shocked by the huge amounts of maritime litter tossed over the sea shore. They tried every possible way to get help from the government but they never received any response and later they solely governed Ethico and carried out the whole cleaning process.

The group has flourished in these three years and it has almost 20,000 volunteers and a million people strong family over social media. This drive has also gained recognition from UN Environment Programme.

The duo organisation also teaches how one can contribute in beach cleaning. It helps people understand the crisis and keeps a tab on content about the environment, climate change, and the whole impact of sustainable living. The couple is constantly working toward making a better environment from all of us and deserves each and every appreciation.

Image Source: Your Story

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