Vegetable seller gives free vegetables to poor during lockdown

This wonderful news comes to us from Maharashtra, India.

In the Aurangabad district of Maharashtra, a vegetable cart with a board saying “buy if possible, take for free if not”, has been attracting a lot of attention from the people.

A lot of these people are curious about what is going on, while another lot appreciates the gesture from the vegetable vendor, who is a graduate employed with a private firm. Rahul Labde has come up with the fine gesture of offering vegetables for free during a time when the whole country is reeling from the effects of the lockdown.

After his firm stopped paying him a salary during the lockdown, Rahul Labde decided to sell vegetables from a hand cart or thela along with his father so that they would have some earning during the lean and mean months of the lockdown.

In the beginning Rahul sold vegetables at market rates essentially like other vegetable vendors, but his moment of epiphany came when an old woman came with just 5 rupees to purchase vegetables from him a few days back. Labde says, “The old woman came to me and asked for vegetables for just Rs 5 as she didn’t have more money.”

“I wondered what I should give her for RS 5. I then gave her for free the vegetables she wanted, and decided to help other people also by offering them veggies free of cosy if they are not in a position to pay.”

Over the last 3 days, Labde has helped nearly 100 people with his fine and thoughtless gesture. He says, “I have given vegetables worth around Rs 2,000 for free. I am going to continue this work as long as I can afford to. My wish is that no one should go hungry to bed at the end of the day.”

With people like Labde showing the way forward in these trying times, we are inspired by his selfless gesture at a time like this.

Image source: Indian Express

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