This touchless sanitizing machine is sure to prevent unnecessary spread of infection

This good news come to us from Gujarat, India

The GTU (Gujarat Technological University) has already helped the nation by coming up with inventions like thermal drones, 3D face shields and digital belts (helps in social distancing). The innovation council and startup wing of GTU have now come up with an even better invention, a touchless sanitizing machine.

Paying heed to the rapid spread of coronavirus among the police officials and other workers on duty, the innovators thought that it was happening because people touched the same bottle for sanitizing their hands.

The four prime names involved in this invention namely Meet Joshi, Kshitij Kayastha, Jugal Joshi, and Ujjal Shah said that they thought about this innovative idea during the lockdown period itself. These sharp minds thought that it was only because several people were using same bottles for sanitation and thus the frontline workers were getting caught in the corona trap.

In order to break this covid chain, they thought about designing an automatic sensor machine that would sanitize the user without any physical contact with hands. Simply placing the hands under the machine would do. When these innovators proposed the idea to their professor, they were told to go for it. Their professor helped them create their first model by supplying them the required materials and also gave them a guideline to follow.

The ready product can be mounted on a wall and it has been priced at Rs. 3200. Coming in two models, the product either releases sanitizer in spray form or as droplets. The innovators also feel proud to have given this machine a ‘Made in India’ tag thus supporting the government in their ‘Aatmanirbhar Bharat’ policy.

The tanker of the machine can hold 7 liters’ sanitizer at a time and it can sanitize up to 1500 times in a day. The power consumption is low and they are also offering a six-month warranty on the product. This great invention is surely going a bring a change and we hope the number of cases in India gets reduced by many folds.

As of now, the nation has had a total of around 298000 cases with 142686 active cases. The death toll is not very high but the government officials are worried of the scenario.

Image Source: I Am Gujarat

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