Women leaders win over the Coronavirus

This wonderful news has come from different parts of the world.

Time and again women have confirmed their not to denied presence in the political world. They have shown that how they are not only great homemakers but also have proved as equally good leaders as men. The 21st-century leaders have encountered a virus that they never thought about in their wildest of the dream but the women leaders from different parts of the world showed us the path to tackle it.

Taiwan is a country led by Tsai ing-Wen which reported only 7 deaths in spite of being so close to china where the virus began to spread. New Zealand is led by Prime Minister Jacinda Arden which reported only 22 deaths. Iceland is another example led by a woman prime minister that reported only 10 deaths. Finland Prime Minister Sanna Marin who is just 34 years old handled the situation rightfully which led to only 323 deaths. Norway is led by Erna Solberg confirmed that only 238 deaths were reported in her country. Germany is a country with a very high population but still, the Country’s chancellor controlled death before it could reach 10 thousand. These women have shown incredible leadership qualities in saving their respective countries.

We also have a home example to add to this list KK Shailaja, Kerala’s health minister who flattened the death curve before it could go out of hand. Kerala witnessed some of the very first cases initially but has seen only 15 deaths, all thanks to the leaders and people abiding the law.

It is definitely not the gender that decides who is more empathic and a good decision maker but it depends solely on what kind of leader are you and your priorities. Be it women or men both can prove a great leader if given equal opportunity.

Image Source: Forbes

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