9-year-old boy in Kenya honored with presidential award for inventing a hand washing machine

This good news come to us from Kenya

Amidst lockdown and coronavirus people are coming up with interesting inventions and we have a special mention about this 9-year-old child from Kenya who blew off people with his innovative and unique invention.

Hailing from Bungoma County that falls in West Kenya, the boy namely Stephen Wamukota designed a machine for hand washing without the use of hands. The set up made with the help of wood, nails and a water tanker has two pedals that can be pressed by legs for washing hands. One of the pedals releases soap and the other releases water for the person to wash hands without making any physical contact with hands.

This machine is definitely a great invention during this time of need. Stephen’s invention received tons of praises on social media. Not only this, the intelligent boy has also been honored with the presidential award of Kenya and he became the youngest recipient amongst a total number of 68 recipients of this award by Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta.

Stephen’s father said that it was after the little boy watched news about coronavirus and how we can prevent its rapid spread from person to person, he decided to go on with an invention like this. When the Kenyan president confronted the public about the outbreak of the pandemic in their country and advised people to constantly wash their hands in order to prevent the deadly infection, Stephen decided to come up with an easier and safest way of hand washing.

His invention is surely a masterpiece and paying heed to the need of the hour, it is something that we should all think about.

Image Source: Elite Readers

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