Muslim couple from Ludhiana got a Hindu girl married by following Hindu rituals

This wonderful news come to us from Ludhiana, India

The restrictions imposed all around India due to the spread of Covid-19 has pushed many marriages ahead of their due dates. But there are also couples and families who are getting married on their proposed date by keeping in mind the restrictions and following the social distancing norms.

One such couple namely Pooja and Sudesh got married on June 2nd. The 22-year-old bride Pooja is lucky to have got married even when her parents couldn’t come down to Ludhiana from Uttar Pradesh where they got stuck due to the nationwide lockdown. Pooja’s father, a farm worker had gone to Uttar Pradesh along with his wife, son and three other daughters in order to visit his native village Moradabad. He got stuck there because of the sudden lockdown announced towards the end of March.

Abdul Sajid an acquaintance whom Pooja refers to as mama (uncle) called up Pooja’s father to inform him that the groom’s family is willing to get the couple married at the proposed date. Pooja’s father told Sajid to go ahead and get the wedding done. Sajid and his wife Soni posed as Pooja’s parents and gave her in marriage to Sudesh by performing her “kanyadaan” (an auspicious act of giving the daughter’s hand into the hands of her life partner). Sajid also gifted the couple a double bed, several utensils and almirahs.

The families have been knowing each other since five years and Sajid as well as Soni are loved by all the five children. Soni who counts Pooja as her daughter was happy to play Pooja’s mother and she said that she tried her best to get the marriage done with all the Hindu rituals, not forgetting to do any.

The groom had arrived with seven other guests and the wedding was small scale with only immediate family members present. Both the bride as well as groom were elated to have got married by a Muslim couple. The groom’s family had also made it clear that they won’t accept any gifts from the bride’s side but Sajid and his wife were not ready to send the newlywed couple empty handed and they ended up giving the gifts.

There have been several other similar cases and these beautiful incidents are giving us solace during this otherwise gloomy period.

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