Longest Green Roof on a Residential Building Completed

This wonderful news comes from Netherlands.

If ever a thought crosses our mind on how our house will be in the coming future. The largest social housing complex in Rotterdam-Zuid is setting an example for a future proof house. This complex has a building that has the longest natural roof amongst all residential buildings. The house has 7,600 square meters of greenery which aims in making the environment better by reducing the carbon dioxide effect.

The building’s roof is well-planned and is built in collaboration between the municipality and housing association and is funded under the LIFE @Urban Roofs projects for climate action. The process of sowing the saplings and trees has been done and the roof is now been left to blossom and become fully grown.

The aim of creating such a roof is to contribute to the biodiversity of the city and also retain rainwater in case of heavy rainfall. The complex has a total of 549 buildings and accommodates above 1000 people. The roof is said to maintain the temperature of the building by cooling it and insulating the indoor climate in winter. The buildings’ roof will prevent flooding by retaining water during heavy rainfall.

The roof is a great example of how urban building can serve to the problem of climate change. The roofs will serve a lot of purpose in making urbanization and climate go hand in hand. The roof is not accessible to the people living in the society since it is maintaining, but the organization plans to extend the greenery.  

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