A six year old girl made her parents proud with her charity initiative

This inspiring news come to us from Gujarat, India.

The coronavirus scenario is not getting any better and even governments all around the world are advising their people to start living with it instead of standing against it. Well, this is really not good news but then this tough time is also giving us stories whose impact will last a lifetime.

So many young and old heroes have come out of their shells but today we will tell you about this little girl from Surat who is an inspiration for one and all due to her noble deeds. Six year old Durva Modi, a student of standard I was feeling sorry for poor children struggling for food when she happened to see some clips on the TV. She immediately made up her mind to help the children in need.

She started gathering clothes and shoes from her friends and made it a point to distribute them to the needy children living in the slums on college road. She didn’t discuss about all this with anyone, not even her parents. Eventually when they came to know about Durva’s feelings they were moved.

Her parents didn’t know what to say and how to react but they were truly proud of their little princess. Her father said that she always had this sensible nature and soft heart and he considers himself to be a lucky father. Her parents joined her in the noble cause and they helped her in collecting more clothes, toys as well as grocery kits for the poor children.

They also described the sight when Durva distributed the things among the children and the happy faces all around. They felt elated on seeing the children dancing with joy after receiving clothes and kits from Durva. The trustee of the school wherein Durva studies also praised the little girl for her act of kindness. The entire mankind can learn so much from Durva. If a girl of her age can think big why can’t we? She is definitely an angel sent from above to fulfill the needs of the poor and teach the society a lesson of kindness. The time has come when we as humans can help other humans and save the society from the clutches of the deadly virus.

Image Source: Times Of India

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