Man hugs his grandmother with the help of cuddle curtain

This happy news come to us from England

The entire world is taking measures to follow social distancing as far as possible and amidst all this a man from Stratford-upon-Avon came up with a brilliant idea to surprise his grandmother.

Antony Cauvin designed a curtain looking like a transparent shower curtain but with long sleeves so that he could hug his grandmother without exposing either of them to the deadly coronavirus. A small video of the lovely moment between a grandson and his grandmother was loved by one and all.

A Facebook user namely Miriam Cauvin uploaded the video which got viewed by millions of people all across the globe and love poured in from everywhere. The melt worthy moment between Cauvin and his grandmother is something like a silver lining amidst these tough times. People all around the world are waiting impatiently for this scenario to get over so that they can freely move out and meet their friends and loved ones.

Well, this is not the first time that a cuddle curtain has been used to hug someone. We have earlier heard of a similar story but in this case the happiness on the face of Cauvin’s grandmother was worth capturing. The emotional moment between the two reminds us of the lovely time we had with our loved ones when everything was normal.

If Cauvin can find a way out to meet and cuddle his grandma amidst all that is going on, we can also keep our hopes alive. Staying safe is important but we should also not forget to live. Cauvin is an inspiration for all those people who have lost hope and feel that we are nearing the end of the world!

Image Source: India

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