A bride in Assam wore a silk handloom mask and won millions of hearts

This happy news come to us from Assam, India

Among the several problems that are being caused due to the current scenario all around the world, marriages getting postponed is one severe issue. It is not just the to be bride and groom who are feeling bad, the families involved are equally distressed.

Amidst the pandemic where most families have postponed marriages for the time being, a couple in Assam decide to get married and they tied the knots on May 22nd. The bride and groom decided to follow the norms wherever possible, the first being wearing face masks. They looked amazing in silk handloom masks and when pictures from the wedding surfaced on the web, netizens went crazy.

Nandini Borkakati the brilliant brain behind the gorgeous mask design got this one made out of Assam’s traditional patt silk and featured kingkhap motif detailing. Nandini opines that the surgical masks that commoners are using widely should actually be reserved for the medical staffs and doctors. We can easily do with reusable textile masks and she wanted to prove her point.

Nandini who hails from Guwahati is a professional textile designer and she is happy to have designed these gorgeous looking matching masks for the bride and groom. The tassels add to the beauty of the gorgeous mask. Himadri Gogoi, a makeup artist based in Guwahati got the bride ready for her big day and she said that it was unbelievable to receive a million views on the Tiktok video of the bride that Himadri had posted. The video was viewed and loved by around 1.3 million people in the first 20 hours after it got uploaded. People strongly supported the use of decorative and traditional cloth masks during weddings.

Image Source: NavBharat Times

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