Perfectly preserved Roman mosaic floor from 3rd century AD unearthed

This wonderful news comes from Italy.

It is when in 2019 a team of researchers, archaeologists, started digging the place in Italy which is known as the remains of Roman villa. A century ago the area had been dug but was later abandoned in 1922. Again the work was started in October 2019, but was later suspended due to the massive outbreak of coronavirus in the country. The country went under lockdown and the work went on hold.

After the lockdown was lifted and the work resumed in February 2019, after digging the floor for another week, the view was unreal as the archaeologists found an absolutely beautiful Roman mosaic floor which is said to be caved in the 3rd century. It is an intricate design done by skilled craftsman of that time. The historians suggested that the art is a work of skill and time and must have taken a lot of time for the craftsman with the equipment’s available at that time.

The countless decades of failed attempt gave the result in this stunning floor and the work of digging has been made more gentle to preserve the floor while discovering them.

The mayor of the area has said that it was cultural site of value and deserves special attention. The government officials have ensured that they are going to make this view enjoyable by making necessary changes. Some historians have also claimed that it is one of the most important discoveries of this year. They believed that there could be a full dynasty of Roman history preserved under the land just like the mosaic floor. An entire town could be living which is now covered with only soil.

The officials want to preserve the Roman mosaic floor while showcasing the art piece to the people. They are taking suggestions to make this archaeological treasure open to all while taking care of it.

Image Source: NY Times

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