Tamil Nadu State gives out 81k transparent masks for hearing and speech impaired people

This wonderful news comes from India.

Face masks are going to become a part of our culture even after coronavirus leaves us. It is a good habit practice that is going to keep any further infection away which gets spread by water droplets or by any communication. This has become a problem for people with hearing difficulties. The Tamil Nadu government came up with a great solution to this problem by producing 81000 transparent masks. The masks were distributed among the hearing and speech impaired persons, their families, trainers, teachers, and others around them to help communicate by reading lips. The masks will be handed over to the Non-Government Organisation and they were asked to distribute among the people in need in the districts.

 Dr. Mohammed Hakim is a doctor that very earlier pointed out the issue with the usage of usual facemasks, which cover the nose and lips have become a problem for people with hearing difficulties.

A Coimbatore-based organization called “No Food Waste” has also produced similar masks to make the life of differently-abled people easy. The organization used a clear material in the area of the mouth to make the lip reading process easy.

Both of the doctors as well as the organization are waiting for government approval, to start bulk production.

There is also an institute in Dehradun that is producing transparent masks amid the Covid-19 outbreak.

Image Source: The News Minute

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