Seagulls rediscover their wild side in Rome during Lockdown

This wonderful news comes to us from Italy.

With the COVID-19 pandemic raging across the globe, humans have been forced to change their habits in a bid to steer clear of the Corona virus. Along with us, animals are also changing their habits as they make a comeback to the now empty streets and parks of cities.

In Rome, seagulls have started reclaiming their lost ground and are making a resounding comeback. The city’s skydivers have shifted back to their old ways and it is a wonderful sight to see.

Italy has been under lockdown from March 9th, and the restaurants and cafes from where the seagulls would scrap for food have been closed. Bereft of the easy pickings, the seagulls have resorted to go back to their old ways as hunters and they are starting to fend for themselves.

Bruno Cignini who is a zoologist, says that the species known as the Yellow Legged Gulls are going back to being predators.

The gulls are mostly catching pigeons, black birds and swallows. They are also going after the fish in the Tiber river. Additionally they are also eating rats that comes as a welcome relief to residents of Rome.

The waste management problem that Rome has, has always attracted a big number of unwelcome visitors, seagulls included. The gull population has increased to tens of thousands, much to the exasperation of locals and tourists because they snatch food out of the hands of pedestrians.

With lots of animal and bird species resorting back to their wild ways, we can be thankful that the natural order in the scheme of things has been restored.

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