Undergraduate student launched a helpline number for the poor and needy

This inspiring news come to us from Patna, India.

The lockdown period is making people more creative and artistic as we can see upcoming chefs, singers, dancers and what not. The social media is full of pictures of deliciously cooked meals, gorgeous artworks, dance and singing videos etc. People are putting their talent to good use and many of them have found their hidden talents too.

When most of the people were busy doing all this, twenty-year-old Abhijeet Siddhartha hailing from Patna was having sleepless nights. Abhijeet has been feeling disturbed since the lockdown started. The grief stricken faces of the needy and poor has been flashing in front of his eyes since days. He is a second year college student and said that he has helped around 100 families by providing them free medical as well as food supplies.

The guy also came up with a helpline number ‘6205544178’ and he along with other 2 members have made up a team and together they provide relief to the poor families. The team claims that they have not just helped the 100 families with ration and medical supplies but they are also helping other people in need all across the city.

The lockdown restrictions imposed all around the nation made him realize that it won’t be possible for people to go out easily and fetch necessary supplies. He thus came up with this helpline number and requested help from senior authorities. His noble deeds and helpful measures came into the limelight and several reputed people have showered him with praises and also shared his helpline number on their social media platforms. This really gave Abhijeet a boost.

He also said that as and when he came to know about the needy families he informed the district authorities to come forward and help them. Abhijeet has been feeding the stray dogs who are dying out of hunger. The lockdown has not only been impacting the people but also stray animals who are searching for food everywhere. Abhijeet cook’s chapattis for the stray dogs every day.

He claims to have been going out of his house with full protection thus following the lockdown and social distancing norms. Heroes like Abhijeet deserve full respect and we salute him for his initiative.

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