Vaishno Devi Shrine prepares sehri, Iftari for 500 quarantined Muslims

This wonderful news comes from India.

India is considered the most diverse country with so many people of different beliefs living together. Harmony has been constantly tried to be disrupted with different political propaganda. But it’s the people who show us what real India looks like.

Shri Mata Vaishno Devi Shrine in Jammu and Kashmir is a Hindu pilgrimage place which is often filled with devotes. The lockdown made the shrine turn into a quarantine center in March 2020 due to COVID-19. The place came into highlight when the Ramadan approached and they started preparing sehri and iftar for all the Muslims fasting in the pious month. The Aashirwad Bhawan has almost 500 quarantined Muslims and the Chief executive officer, Ramesh Kumar told that the staff works overnight to prepare the meal. The people are mostly laborers who were working in different parts of the country.

The shrine is also preparing for breakfast, lunch, and dinner for people who are not fasting. The shrine is expected to has spent almost 80 lakh on supplying food to the people living in the center. And about 1.5 crores have been spent in COVID-19 which was provided by the board. The facilities are better than any hotel with proper hygiene being maintained with the preparation of every meal.

There are so many instances where love trumps so much more than hate and people have been proving it with their deeds.

Image Source: Viral Bake

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