China: Son who was kidnapped 30 years back reunites with family

This happy news come to us from China

It is really hard for anyone to bear a family loss and when it comes to your children it gets all the more difficult. A Chinese couple got all emotional and teary eyed on knowing about the whereabouts of their long lost child.

Mao Lin had been abducted when he was 2 years old. Someone had snatched him from his mother’s arm outside a hotel’s main entrance. The couple has been searching for their child since three decades but they never lost hope. It was on Mother’s Day this year that Mrs. Li was informed by the police about Mao Lin. Her happiness knew no bounds when the police told her that they have found her son.

October 17th 1988 was the black day in the couple’s lives. When Mr Mao Zhenjing (Mao Lin’s father) had gone to fetch water for his son, Mrs Li was waiting outside a hotel entrance and a man snatched the toddler from her arms. The baby was then sold to another couple who were yearning for a child. They named him Gu Ningning and raised him up.

The police digitally created an adult picture of Mao by analysing his 32 year old photo. Then they matched the generated result with their national database. In the month of April this year, they came to know about a man who had adopted a baby 32 years back. On further research, they came to know that the boy is currently 34 years old and the DNA tests made things clear.

Mr and Mrs Zhenjing are elated to have their son back. Mao who is into home decoration work, made a decision to spend the rest of his life with his biological parents.

This definitely sounds unbelievable but things happen when they are meant to be. Mrs. Li’s determination finally paid off.

Image Source: Daily Mail

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