A hospital in Madurai is all set to use robots to serve Covid 19 patients

This good news come to us from Madurai, India

The nurses and doctors around the nation are serving the covid 19 patients with diligence and people are paying due respect to them for their noble services. If there’s anything we could do in favor of those working hard in this trying times, they would be very grateful to the nation for helping them out.

Keeping the hard work of these people in mind, the Government Rajaji Hospital in Madurai is all set to use robots for serving the covid 19 patients. The SASTRA Deemed-to-be University, Thanjavur has donated 3 robots to this covid 19 super specialty hospital.

R B Udhayakumar, minister of revenue, Tamilnadu said that each robot costs 1 lakh rupees and they are effective enough to ensure social distancing in the hospital. The robots can not only transmit important messages from the doctors and nurses to the patients but can also easily serve food, medicines, water and other requirements to the patients.

Propellor Technologies based in Tiruchi was incubated by an initiative namely FIRST (Foundation for Innovation Research at SASTRA Technology) that helps in nurturing startups. Propeller Technologies then went on to invent this amazingly expert robot namely ZAFI GO.

ZAFI GO can be radio controlled within a circumference of 1500 meters. The robot has been equipped with trays that look like its arms. The trays are used for carrying stuff for the patients. It is capable of lifting up to 15 kgs of weight. Each robot is capable of serving nearly 10-15 patients a day and has around 3 hours of battery support.

The SASTRA Deemed-to-be University has also earlier donated 5 and 2 robots to Thanjavur Medical College Hospital and Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Government Hospital respectively. Both are housed in Tiruchy.

Image Source: New India Express

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